Lighthouse Analytics

Understand your library's usage data and trends with Lighthouse Analytics.

Lighthouse Analytics is a desktop application to extract, transform, and load any number of vendor-provided usage reports to a standardized, SQL compatible format.

Built-in reporting gives you immediate feedback on data ingested; SQL compatible storage means that the data can be easily used with industry standard reporting and visualization tools.

How Lighthouse Analytics can help your library

Centralize and Standardize Your Data

Use Lighthouse Analytics to pull all of your vendor-provided usage reports into a single SQL format. Using the application's fully confgurable ingests, you can match any CSV or Microsoft Excel® file and pull out the fields you want.

Premade and Custom Reporting

Data processed by Lighthouse Analytics is immediately availabe to the built-in reports.

As all records are stored in SQL format with a known schema, Lighthouse Analytics records can be used as a data source for data analytics tools, such as Tableau®.

Keep Your Data

Lighthouse Analytics runs on your desktop, and uses either an SQLite or PostgreSQL database.

By default, no patron or usage data ever leaves the machine upon which Lighthouse Analytics is run. With configuration, you can extend this to a PostgreSQL database server, but this remains 100% in the control of the library and its staff.