Intercept® is a business planning and financial modeling tool for Startup, Investors, Educators, Communities, and Entrepreneurs.

We guide you step by step through the entire process, allowing you to customize each section of your business plan and generate a financial model based around your startup ideas.

What Intercept® can do for you


Develop your company from abstract to operation using our ideation tools; Business Plan Canvas, SWOT Analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat), PEST Analysis (Political, Environmental, Social, and Technological), Porter's Five Forces, and Executive Summary.


Expand upon the foundations laid in Ideation with our strategic planning and modeling tools; Lean Business Plan, Sales Forecasting, Managing Staffing, Projecting costs of materials/supplies.

Bring in mentors and coordinate through Notes, To-Dos, and the Business Planning Checklist. Invite as many mentors as you want through the application at no additional fee!


Produce an investment-ready financial model and business plan with Full Business Plan, Strategic Marketing Plan, Income, Cashflow, and Balance Sheets, Industry Benchmarking, and Realtime Currency Conversion for all Statements.

Intercept® plans are able to be downloaded as PDF and DOCX file types, giving you the flexibility to further customize the plan that you build through Intercept® and take it to meetings!


Execute your business plan. Based upon your model, take action and as your business operates, gather feedback to further inform your decisions.

Raise capital. Use the business plans you create in Intercept® to seek funding for your company. Address investor questions through scenarios, which model different possible courses of action.

Intercept® Startup

Powerful enough for venture capital, made for entrepreneurs.

Cloud-based Business Planning and Financial Modeling tools for you that are accessible anywhere. Straightforward platform builds powerful financial models. Addresses common entrepreneur cost oversights like taxes, benefits, and more. Links to resources that you'll find helpful when building your business.

Pricing: $79.99/Month
Veterans receive a 50% discount!
First responders receive a 25% discount!
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Ideation Tools

Use Intercept® to turn your ideas into actionable plans using powerful, concise tools such as Business Plan Canvas, NAICS/Sector/Industry Lookup Tools, SWOT Analysis, and PEST Analysis.

Qualitative Analysis

Intercept® helps you explain your business and the real-world relationships your business will have.

Quantitative Analysis

Intercept®, from Ideation to Funding, provides Sales Forecast, Staffing Projection, Labor Management, automatically generated basic, intermediate, and advanced reports, and embedded financial reports in your Business Plans.

Intercept® Academic

Educate students in entrepreneurship and business disciplines.

Coupled with an 18 chapter companion textbook and interactive eBook alternative; use modules as standalone elements in other courses, or use Intercept® as the core of your Entrepreneurship program with our included syllabus and 600 question test bank. Plans developed through Intercept® remain as the student's, allowing them to take it with them and potentially launch their own business. Student/Mentor relationship gives the instructor the ability to look into the student's plan and give feedback.

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Full Toolset

Give your students the ability to not only complete a classroom exercise, but develop a real business plan and financial model.


Student/Professor relationship in the system, with ability to communicate right in the student's model.


After completing their coursework, the students retain access to their accounts. One year access with the class; former students can maintain access after the class and pay for further use.

Using the Intercept Business Plan program by Deziner Software really helped me focus on plans for taking my company forward. It's a great tool for anyone thinking about starting a business or someone with an existing business looking for investors or wanting to take a closer look at their operations.

Dawn, Managing Director
Supporting Strategies Chicago Far West